Body Shops and US: A win/win situation!

One of the most successful components of our business is working with body shops after a catastrophe type hail storm. In the event of such a storm, we can be anywhere in the U.S. Within 48 hours to asses the damage, estimate repair costs and begin scheduling repairs. We have serviced body shops in all regions of the U.S. Our expertise in hail damage repair and the body shops insurance and customer contacts make a sensational opportunity to turn tremendous profits.

Advantages a body shop can expect from our services:

  • Quicker repair times (1-2 day total repair time in most cases)
  • Dramatically increase repair volume
  • Hail damage repairs will no longer tie up your paint booths
  • When an insurance agent asks “Do you offer P.D.R.?” you can say “YES!”
  • Because it is paintless hail repair, there is no paint work to warranty
  • Every vehicle receives our GUARANTEE certificate upon completion
  • Insurance companies we work with: Farmers, Erie, Nationwide, American Family, Progressive and more.

Many times Body Shops have conveyed to us that hail damage repair often interferes with normal day to day operations by slowing collision repair times, clogging paint booths, and overall tends to be more of a burden in the long run. So, why not turnyour hail damage repairs over to someone who specializes in it? We can help you repair more, profit more and keep your collision repairs on track.

In many cases a body shop can make the same margin per hail rtepair in 1-2 days using us that it does in 7-10 days using the conventional repair method. Plus there are virtually no replacement parts or paint materials, no body shop labor or paint jobs to warranty. A win-win situation!

We have proven this to be a very successful manner in which to handle a catastrophe type hail storm many times throughout the country. Acudent can help increase your bottom line through insurance referrals while handling all aspects of hail repairs. AcuDent’s highest quality repairs coupled with our unrivaled reliability mean increased revenue for you. If this sounds like an arrangement that would benefit you body shop, please contact us.

R and I

R & I and additional times/changes should be included on the following:


R&I times for taillights, Hoodpads, interior trim, marker lights, etc. is built into headliner charges :

Regular headliners ($75) on midsize 2 or 4 door sedan type vehicles
Glued headliners ($100) Many ford vehicles have glued headliners
Large headliners ($200) suburbans, vans, SUVs

Aluminum – Add 50% to regular cost.

Repairing aluminum panels with PDR is much more difficult than regular metal. It takes a more experienced technician and almost double the time in most cases. To compensate for the difficulty, 50% of the total per panel price should be added to the regular PDR cost of any panel that is aluminum
Note: extreme damage such as half dollar size dents or over 100 nickle to quarter size dents on aluminum panels should be considered for replacement

Large Roofs – Add 50% to regular cost.

Vehicles like Vans, SUVs and suburbans that have large roof areas are more time intensive because of long rails and extreme bracing around doors and pillars. Many of the larger roofs have luggage racks and/ or louver type ridges running the length of them which greatly interferes with the light reflections that have to be used as part of the PDR process. Because of these obstacles, most of these roofs have to be worked from the rear opening (hatch glass or doors) and take longer tools and more time

Hatch/ Glass – $100.00

Vehicles like vans, SUVs and Suburbans that do not have back doors that open side to side have to either have the hatch/back glass (if glass is on its hinges) removed in order to gain access to the roof area

4 Luggage Roof Rack- $50.00

Removal of the roof rack is necessary for a high quality repair on roofs

Sunroofs – $100.00

Removal of Sunroofs is necessary to gain access to all areas of the roof

Hood and Decklid – $50.00

Removal of hoods and decklids are necessary when damage is at heavy/severe limits (over 50 dents per panel)

Guide to Aluminum Panels and Glued Headliners

This information varies from year to year but is generally accurate from 1990 to present vehicle models.

Note: Use a magnet to determine aluminum or metal panels.


Mustang: glued in Headliner, FYI plastic hood
Towncar: glued in headliner, aluminum hood
Crown Victoria: glued in headliner, aluminum hood, aluminum deck (some models)
Grand Marquis: glued in headliner, aluminum hood (some models)
LS: glued in headliner, aluminum hood (some models)
Continental: glued in headliner, aluminum hood. FYI, plastic deck
Ranger: glued in headliner, aluminum hood (late models)
F150: aluminum hood (late models)
Contour: aluminum hood
Taurus: glued in headliner, aluminum deck

General Motors

Oldsmobile Intrigue: aluminum hood (some models)
Oldsmobile aurora: aluminum hood
Pontiac/transport: aluminum hood (some models)
Miata: aluminum hood


Concorde: aluminum hood


300 M: aluminum hood and deck
Magnum: aluminum hood (some models)