Serving top quality service to the Bluegrass for 10 years

Please note there is a difference in location. The new shop is located at 3275 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY 40218.

About AcuDENT

AcuDENT Paintless Dent Repair specializes in hail damage repair across the state of Kentucky. We know the ins and outs of working with insurance companies and all things concerning paintless dent repair. From estimating and supplementing, to executing a flawless dent repair by one of our highly trained technicians, AcuDENT will repair your hail damage so you can fall in love with your car again while also decreasing environmental waste compared to conventional repairs.

Hailstorms can happen at any time, and the damage to your vehicle(s) can be extensive. Whether you are a consumer, body shop, or dealership, AcuDENT is here to serve you and your needs to efficiently solve your hail damage. At AcuDENT, all of our technicians are highly qualified and trained in paintless dent removal. AcuDENT prides ourselves on high standards and believes in working with the customer in order to achieve not only a flawless hail repair but also the most hassle-free experience.

AcuDENT has been serving the Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding area since 2004, and is now happily offering service to the rest of the state. We are committed to bringing you the best in hail damage repair and professional service. Being a local company, AcuDENT offers a warranty that cannot be beat by national hail repair teams.

AcuDENT strives to be the number one paintless dent repair in the Louisville, KY area by providing premier customer service and body shop relations with flawless dent repairs. If you are looking for more information on dents caused by door dings or minor collision, call 502.648.2693 or visit our other website for more information.

About PDR and its Benefits

With paintless dent repair, a vehicle can be repaired to a “like new” condition without body fillers and paint. Utilizing specially designed push rods and other tools, a fully trained craftsman can push the dent or ding flat with the surrounding surface, bringing the body panel back to its original appearance.

Compared to traditional repairs, PDR has many benefits to the consumer that are:

      • Repairs can be completed in approximately 72 hours.
            • Repairs can be done on a retail site or local body shop
            • Cars do not have to spend time on a body shop que since PDR technicians are different from body shop technicians.
            • This can often time take days or weeks off the time a consumer is without the vehicle.
      • No putty is used to fill in dents and no paint is needed.
            • The customer gets to keep the original paint.
            • More environmentally friendly, cutting out harsh chemicals.
      • PDR is generally less expensive.
            • This makes it the preferred method for insurance companies.